Chuck Butler Chuck Butler is President of EverBank® World Markets and the author of the popular Daily Pfennig newsletter. Chuck is also the editor of The Currency Capitalist and a senior contributor to FX University Daily. With a career in investment services and currencies extending over 35 years, Mr. Butler oversees all aspects of customer service and the trading desk for EverBank World Markets. A respected analyst of the currency market, Mr. Butler has frequently made appearances or been quoted by the national media. These include the Wall Street Journal, US News and World Report, MarketWatch, USAToday, CNNfn, Bloomberg TV, CNBC, and the Chicago Tribune.

Butler’s A Pfennig for Your Thoughts is delivered via e-mail to thousands of market watchers globally to help traders stay on top of the economic, currency, and market happenings. The Daily Pfennig (as it is more commonly called today) has become a popular resource for currency investors and traders alike over the past 16 years. Mr. Butler was previously the Chief International Bond Trader and Director of Risk Management for Mark Twain Bank, and has held significant positions in the investment industry since 1973.

Frank TrotterFrank Trotter is president of EverBank Direct. A founding partner of EverBank in 1998, he has acquired more than 25 years of experience in the banking industry. Frank has served as senior vice president and managing director of Mercantile Bank Capital Markets and as director of the International Markets Division of Mark Twain Bank, where he created the WorldCurrency™ family of deposits and directed the global launch of eCash™. He is a widely quoted speaker on financial topics, especially currency markets. Publications focusing on WorldCurrency™ or recently quoting Mr. Trotter include The Wall Street Journal, U.S. News & World Report, CBS MarketWatch, USA Today, CNNfn, and the Chicago Tribune, among others. Frank graduated from St. Olaf College and holds an MBA in Finance and International Finance from Washington University.
Thomas FischerThomas Fischer has worked for more than 30 years in the financial sector. He began his career as a foreign exchange dealer with a Danish bank before moving to London as a foreign exchange broker. He relocated to Germany in 1988 and spent 10 years there as a foreign exchange broker and head of the international spot section of a financial institution. In Germany, he successfully completed an MBA focusing on the external environment and corporate finance.

In 2000 he joined Jyske Bank Private Banking and was promoted to Manager of International Client Relations in 2001. In 2008 Thomas joined the newly established Portfolio Management Company Jyske Global Asset Management (JGAM) as a Senior Vice President. The company is focusing on managed accounts for U.S. clients and is a fully owned subsidiary of Jyske Bank. Thomas travels the world giving presentations about the markets and the investment opportunities at Jyske Global Asset Management.

Ashish Advani – World Currency Watch Mr. Advani has over two decade’s Foreign Exchange experience spanning 4 continents. He has an MBA in finance and is a qualified accountant in several countries and has taught financing and accounting courses for the University of Missouri. Yet, as an investor, he considers his most valuable “credentials” to be his hands-on experience in emerging markets.

As a Global treasurer, controller and currency risk strategist for banks and Fortune 500 companies, Mr. Advani has lived, done business in and traveled extensively throughout China, India, SE Asia and the Mideast Mr. Advani’s trading methodology includes close monitoring of geo-political events and economic policies that affect trade flows and foreign exchange. As the editor of Exotic FX, Mr. Advani heads the world’s leading trading service covering emerging market currencies.

Eric Roseman – The Sovereign Society Eric N. Roseman is the President of ENR Asset Management, Incorporated, a Montreal-based investment management and consulting firm specializing in global alternative and traditional asset management. ENR Asset Management, Inc. was founded in 1992 and is a privately-held company. Eric is also the Investment Director of The Sovereign Society. ENR Asset Management, Inc. specializes in customizing multi-manager mutual fund portfolios for accredited investors and institutions, by blending different alternative and traditional mutual fund strategies with low correlations to common stocks and bonds in bear markets.

In 2001, Eric became editor of Commodity Trend Alert (CTA), a weekly e-mail investment advisory service based in Baltimore, Maryland, and Dogs of the World. CTA focuses on global commodity-linked securities and circulates to over 1,200 members each week worldwide. Eric is a regular speaker on television in Canada and writes columns for Canadian Money Saver, Canada’s largest and oldest investment magazine since 1980. He is a regular public speaker across North America and Europe since 1994 on behalf of several organizations, including The World Money Show, The Financial Forum, The Oxford Club, Sovereign Society and several other private organizations. He is also quoted in The New York Times, The Globe & Mail and The Montreal Gazette.

Sean Hyman – World Currency Watch For the past three years, Sean Hyman has taught professionals in the industry how to trade the $3.2 TRILLION currency market. Now he brings all his knowledge to you. From long-term currency strategies, to quick FX-trading moves usually reserved for the professionals, Sean will tell you everything you need to know to succeed in the currency markets.
Van Simmons – David Hall Rare Coins
Nick Bruyer – First Federal
Barry Potekin – RMB Mike Starr Barry Potekin has been involved in a wide range of commodity research and trading activities since 1985, with an emphasis on client support. Due to his many accomplishments, Barry has appeared on The Today Show, David Letterman, and CNN News. He was on the cover of Success Magazine and Entrepreneur Magazine. The subject of a Wall Street Journal Article, he has been written about in Money Magazine, The New York Times, USA Today and Fortune. A very popular speaker and teacher, he makes the fine points of alternative asset investing quick and simple to understand.