Your Chance to Break Free From the Dollar – Coming Soon to a City Near You! 

During 3 days in February, The Sovereign Society is holding an intensive boot camp in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The goal is simple – to give you all of the tools necessary to protect and grow your wealth using currency trading…no matter what type of investor you are.

And just so there’s no mistake – no matter what type of investment strategy you follow, currency investing has something for you.

With presentations from industry heavyweights the Philadelphia Stock Exchange, EverBank and Jyske Global Asset Management we’re bringing world class experts in every area of the foreign exchange market to you.

You’ll learn:

  • All the opportunities – unknown to the average investor – available in the foreign exchange market.
  • What type of currency investing best suits your needs? Take this short quiz that reveals the right strategies for your investment needs.
  • The truth about the “Seesaw effect”. Know this one secret and you’ll always find a bull market.
  • 6 forces that affect currencies; understand these and you’ll know exactly why a currency goes up.
  • The easy way to play the Forex market with a standard account on the NYSE.
  • How to collect returns from multiple currencies in one FDIC insured account.
  • When you can use your IRA to defer your taxes on profits from foreign currency.
  • When Ben Bernanke speaks – you get paid. How to use the latest breaking news for windfall profits in just days.
  • If you like the security of a U.S. Treasury Bond, then you’ll love the safety – and bigger return potential – of foreign bonds.
  • Where to find rock solid guaranteed return on your capital – and enormous leveraged returns with previously inaccessible ‘exotic’ currencies.

No matter what your needs are – short term, long term, explosive growth, capital protected, etc. – you will discover all of the opportunities available to you in this market.

And I promise you will not have to deal with any technical mumbo jumbo.

No industry lingo, no computer programs to learn, and no crazy charts with things like candlesticks or wave theories to interpret.

Just simple, straightforward to follow lessons that will teach you how traditional investment vehicles, like stock market accounts, CD’s, and IRA’s can take advantage of the tremendous profit opportunities available with currencies.

And to ensure you have every opportunity to attend this first time ever event we are bringing FX University to you.

Register before December 1, 2009: $495

After December 1, 2009: $795

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